At Gate Automation you will find the best turnstiles the market has to offer. We stock a range of pedestrian turnstiles from a reputable Russian manufacturer PERCo, supplying their high-quality equipment to over 85 counties in the World for more than 30 years. Please refer to their website for more info.

Our company is an official distributor of PERCo in the South Pacific Region. We offer supply, installation, after-sale service, and technical support to our customers for the whole PERCo product range.

We also have a preventative maintenance program that you can find here. To ensure the longevity of your turnstile and prevent any downtime inconvenience for you and your clients. You can trust us to keep your equipment running. We provide our services throughout the Auckland area.

Check out our gallery of past completed jobs here. We provide turnstiles for a range of applications, we install turnstiles for gyms, offices, shops, residential and commercial complexes and so many more.

Read below for a breakdown of the different turnstiles that we install, repair and service.


The compact tripod turnstiles provide a universal access control solution. High throughput capacity of this model enables effective management of even intense pedestrian flows.

A wide range of colour options makes the TTR-04 turnstiles suitable for various indoor applications in offices, banks, exhibition centers, museums, administrative buildings, retail outlets, railway terminals, airports, etc.

PERCo tripod turnstiles can be operated from the remote-control panel included in a standard delivery set or be easily integrated into most access control systems.

An operating mode for locking or opening the turnstile can be independently set for each passage direction. The turnstile comes with built-in optical arm rotation sensors to ensure accurate registration of each passage through the turnstile as well as the passage direction.

A built-in hydraulic damper makes the turnstile operation smooth and quiet.

A key override allows unlocking both directions of the turnstile if there is need to override in case of emergency or power failure. The mechanical release lock is built into the turnstile housing as standard and provides free rotation of the barrier arms.

A dedicated “Fire Alarm” control input allows connection of an emergency unlocking device (e.g. fire alarm control panel, emergency button, etc).

The turnstile can be supplied with anti-panic folding arms to clear the passageway in emergency situations in a matter of seconds without any special keys or tools.

If required, the turnstiles can be completed with matching polished stainless-steel railings.

WICKET GATES (Motorized WMD and Hand-driven WHD)

PERCo swing wicket gates are ideal for indoor applications requiring free access in one direction and restricting in the opposite. Their elegant and versatile design presents a secure and stylish solution that can blend into numerous locations. After each passage, the gate swing panel is smoothly reset to default position.

The range of PERCo swing gates includes motorized and electromechanical models. Integration with turnstiles and railings made in matching decor allows to style locations in a complete design.

PERCo swing gates feature new drives with a built-in high-accuracy location sensor (encoder). This high-accuracy positioning feature ensures proper synchronization of operation of two swing gates installed together and controlled with one signal.

Emergency unlocking input Fire Alarm enables connection of an external device which can unlock the gate for free passage in both directions.

The gate is operated from the remote-control panel included in a standard delivery set or a wireless remote control (optionally) as well as can be easily integrated into most access control systems.

When access is granted, the swing gate automatically opens (WMD) or unlocks and can be opened manually (WHD) in the authorized passage direction. Once the passage is complete, the gate swing panel automatically returns to home position.

In case of power failure, the built-in standby power supply ensures proper operation of the swing gate for 90 minutes or 1200 passages.

The swing gate is provided with a mechanical release lock built into the gate post to unlock the gate with a key in the event of emergency or malfunction upon which the swing panel can be manually rotated in either direction and left open.

The swing gate can be supplied with two types of swing panels 650 mm or 900 mm and completed with matching polished stainless-steel railings.


Full height rotor turnstiles are designed for complete and secure closure of a passageway and used for control of access at locations with high security requirements, both indoors and outdoors.

PERCo full height rotor turnstiles RTD-15 are made of reinforced Aluminium profile with anticorrosion coating to ensure high degree of resistance to weather and vandalism.

RTD-15 range of rotor full height turnstiles is intended for both indoor and outdoor use. The housing enables turnstile operation at ambient air temperature from -40°C to +55°C.

The turnstile is provided with bright built-in LED indicators to show if access is granted or denied. Optionally the remote light indicators can be connected.

Two built-in mechanical release locks, one for each passage direction, allow unlocking the turnstile with a key for free passage in case of power failure or necessity to override an access control system.

Available in the same material and colour as the RTD-15 turnstiles, full height MB-15 railings and WHD-15 security gates will help to form a passageway of any required configuration and make the entrance design complete.

For protection against downfalls and climbing over, the turnstile may be supplied with a protective canopy to be joined into a single portal structure with the turnstile.

A few RTD-15 turnstiles with canopies can be mounted in one row. Special couplings have been designed to provide reliable joining of two or more canopies. This design also allows cable laying through all the top channels of the lined turnstiles, which makes the installation considerably easier.



Speed gates are designed in a modern and elegant style and provide an ideal contactless solution for access control at sites with high aesthetic and comfort requirements. Gate posts are made of stainless steel. Filler panel, top covers and swing panels are made of tempered glass.

PERCo speed gates are available in two versions: with a standard 650 mm or an extended 900 mm passageway. The extended version provides comfortable access for people in wheelchairs and people carrying bulky goods. Fail-safe operation ensures free passage in an emergency case.

The number of passage zones can be increased with double-sided section installation. Each double-sided section creates one extra passageway.
Indication modules of the passageway direction are located on front ends of gateposts of the turnstile. Indication modules of the passage grant/denial are in the user line-of-sight range on the speed gate central post allowing quick passage completion.

In emergency situations the swing panels open in a predetermined direction, in case of a power loss the swing panels are unlocked.

The equipment can operate as a part of main access control system or a complete standalone unit operated from the remote-control panel, supplied with standard delivery.