Electric Security Fencing

Why Choose Gate Automation LTD For Your Electric Fence

Electric security fencing is one of the most effective forms of physical perimeter security, combining a strong deterring influence with the ability to monitor fence line activity 24/7.

We have been specialising in everything electric fence for over 15 years. We provide installation, repairs and maintenance for electric fences throughout Auckland.

At Gate Automation we can design, supply and install electric security fence systems for any industrial or commercial premises using the best energisers from New Zealand and Australia currently available on the market. These energizers can deliver up to 12000V and have a multiple zone monitoring features making it a very smart solution for larger perimeters allowing quick and easy identification of a problem sector.

We currently source our energisers from JVA, a leading Australian supplier. For more information about their brand, check out their website here.

How it works

The technology works quite simply by monitoring the voltage applied to a wire grid consisting of alternate live and earth wires. If an intruder cuts the wire or climbs the fence an alarm will activate combinations of sirens, lights and communicators. Electric fence controllers in most cases interfaced with building’s alarm system.

This detection capability is the real value of these fences although the deterrent effect invariably puts an immediate stop to low-level crime and vandalism. If touched, the fence delivers a short sharp shock with each pulse from the energizer. By law, the pulse energy and voltage are kept to safe levels, but it remains a painful experience that most people are afraid of.

An installed electric fence can be integrated with your access control system (e.g. it can be activated by means of a keypad, remote control, proximity sensor or any other form of access control equipment).

We can also provide a preventative maintenance plan to service your new or existing electric security fence on regular basis ensuring that your site is always protected.
For more info, check out our maintenance page here.