Access Control Systems

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For over a 15 years at Gate Automation, we have been putting your security first. No matter what kind of solution you require, we can provide. From our extensive range of products and services, we got you covered. Remotes, keypads, intercoms, magnetic locks, ground loops and timers. We have it all, at affordable prices, we provide a 2-year warranty on all our installations. So you can feel safe to trust Gate Automation with your access control installation. We operate throughout the Auckland area and provide repairs and maintenance on access control systems, check out our maintenance page here.

We use only the best products and equipment to secure your home and business, read all about our access control solutions below. Have any questions?
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This is the most common type of access control for automatic gates for residential use.

We use very robust and reliable Centurion remotes with 1, 2, or 4 buttons. You can control up to 6 different systems (e.g. multiple gates and garage door openers, pedestrian access, alarms, lights, etc.) using the same remote. To achieve this, every button of the remote needs to be programmed individually to a separate receiver that will trigger that device once associated button on the remote is pressed. Our specialists can retrofit new remote-control system to your existing automatic gate, garage, and alarm configuration.


We stock and install a range of vandal and weather-proof keypads/proximity readers with different button configurations (slim or standard) and can integrate a wireless doorbell into these keypads using a simple add-on board and plug-in internal doorbell unit. These keypads can have one or two on-board relays. This feature allows controlling either two gates (vehicle and pedestrian gates separately), or one automatic gate opening in two modes (for pedestrian passage or full width). Also, you can keep the gate unlocked (or in open position) if required. These keypads have incorporated proximity readers and supplied with 3 pre-programmed proximity cards or tags and a master card with a user-friendly manual on how to add or delete cards or tags in a matter of seconds.

There are more sophisticated systems that we can install including multiple door/gates linked to one controller with the ability to keep all records, download all events, add or delete users from a connected PC using a very straightforward software. Please contact us on 0800 428 300 if you wish to discuss your access control requirements with our specialist in details.


There is a huge range of audio or/and video intercom systems that we provide. We can help you select the system that suits you best, depending on your requirements (e.g. ability to answer the gate call from your landline or mobile phone, keeping records of all visitors using the intercom at the gate, using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth systems, etc).

We have a wide range of Panasonic intercom systems in stock that proved to be very cost effective, of great quality, user-friendly, convenient, and reliable that have been installed in many homes and commercial sites.


We stock a variety of different lock types: magnetic locks with different holding force suitable for outdoor installation with incorporated reed-switch sensor. These locks are called “fail-safe” type locks meaning that they will release once the power is disconnected to allow free access in case of emergency. We use quality magnetic locks supplied by Ebelco, Malaysia.

Another type of locks is called a strike or solenoid lock. This is a “fail-secure” type. Meaning that these locks will still be engaged even when power is lost, and you’ll need a manual-release key to unlock them in emergency situations. We stock a range of CISA and VIRO locks of different types.


These devices work on the principle of changing inductivity in their magnetic field when they are near metal objects (car, bike, lawnmower, etc.). The ground loop can be used as a safety device as well (e.g. under automated barrier arm) as it has much more accurate sensitivity modes and level of failure is very low. Normally, they are installed in the concrete or asphalt driveways, about 5-10 meters back from the gate’s moving leaves and have a separate controller. This allows for the ability to adjust modes and settings to suit its application. 

The probes can only be used as trigger devices to open gates. They are much easier to install and have a great advantage in that they can be simply buried on the side of the driveway, around 10-15m from the gate using the provided cable.


Using a timer gives you an opportunity to keep the gate open during business hours. This feature is very popular with our commercial customers. The gate opens on Mon – Fri at certain times in the morning and stays open during peak or whole business hours, closing at a programmed time. After that, it works normally: opens and auto-closes at pre-programmed intervals, all after-hours period.

Some motors, like Centurion, have incorporated timers that can be programmed to your requirements. All other motors can be equipped with 24/7 or even 365 days timers where we can pre-program all State Holidays, Christmas breaks, and day-light saving periods.