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Commercial, Residential and Industrial Services

At Gate Automation Ltd we can supply and install automation to gates of all types: sliding, swing, cantilever.

We can also design and install bespoke customised double sliding gates, sectional sliding gates, folding swing gates, etc.

We stock the hardware and automation equipment for gates of almost any design and size, from light residential Aluminium gates to extremely heavy wrought iron industrial swing, sliding, or cantilever gates.

We supply and install gate openers and accessories from many reputable manufacturers, such as CENTURION (RSA), CAME (Italy), BELFOX (Germany), and Gate Drive Systems (Australia). We always recommend and install equipment that suits your application best, unlike many other gate companies who deal with only one manufacturer and cannot offer such a wide range of products.

At Gate Automation Ltd we back all our installed equipment and workmanship with 24-month warranty and offer after sale technical support and maintenance services if required.




Centurion D5-Evo 

The D5-Evo is a domestic and light-industrial operator designed to open and close sliding gates weighing up to 500kg. A custom designed gearbox moulded from robust engineering polymers, coupled to a powerful 12V DC motor, provides fast and reliable automation for entrances to homes and small housing estates.

The system operates off a 12V battery housed inside the operator using a switch mode charger to maintain the battery in a fully charged state. The battery provides critical power failure protection. A solar supply can be used as an alternative energy source to charge the battery. Gate travel limits are managed by an opto-electronic system, comprising a gate mounted origin magnet and an internal rotary encoder. This system yields precise and repeatable control over gate position.

Manufactured in South Africa.

Centurion D10 Turbo 

The D10 Turbo is perfectly suited for sites with lighter gates requiring a high number of operations per day and very fast opening and closing speeds and can operate at almost double the speed of the standard D10. However, it is not recommended for gates weighing more than 240kg, as the inertia generated by heavier loads might prove detrimental to the gearbox at such high speeds. The gearbox of the D10 Turbo utilises a “true” or “full involute” gear instead of a helical gear, which means that there is a larger contact area with the worm shaft, ensuring much greater load bearing capabilities. The standard D10 uses a 34-tooth internal gear and 17 tooth output pinion, whereas the D10 Turbo uses a 22 tooth internal gear and a 20 tooth output pinion. As with the D5-Evo, the D10/D10 Turbo controller with an LCD interface is a cinch to set up and it offers an equally impressive list of useful features including CENTURION’s world first ChronoGuard timer technology. Of course, accurate position control, sensitive anti-crushing and precision stopping power come standard.

Manufactured in South Africa.


Came Axo 5024 

Axo is the new electromechanical operator designed for long life and utmost safety even with very large gates. The impact force developed by the gate movement conforms to current European standards.

The gearmotor has bearing semi-shells in die-cast aluminium of excellent quality and silent running. Axo is equipped with adjustable mechanical stop to memorize the gate run. Available also in the 24V version with the simplified connection system with only one single three-wired cable and with the innovative 230V technology, which gives very efficient and simple control of slowing down movements.

Axo’s 24V electronics automatically detect any absence of power and immediately activate the emergency back-up batteries, to always open and close the gate (optional). The low-voltage gearmotor guarantees functioning even in the harshest of working conditions, such as in apartment blocks and industrial facilities. A special electronic circuit constantly sweeps for any obstacles to the gate leaves, and if needed stops or inverts the direction of motion.

Manufactured in Italy.

Swing Gate Drive Jupiter-400 

This swing gate drive is for commercial yard gates as well as large, private yard gates and has a particularly sturdy construction. The enormous thrust force of roughly 7000 newtons ensures exceptional operational reliability. The powerful geared DC motor works on 12 V DC and is equipped with sensitive electronics, which allow most of systems to operate without safety edges. The operator is suitable for wind-permeable gates without additional locking. Operation with additional locking is possible up to an enclosed gate area of five square metres. Magnetically-operated reed switch contacts provide the shut-off mechanism, LED displays facilitate system configuration on start-up. The user-friendly motor control panel in a waterproof housing can be mounted in any position. Here you can set all the convenience functions, such as soft start / stop, partial opening for pedestrian passage, automatic closure and much more besides. The wireless module and a 4-channel transmitter (433 MHz) are included in the scope of supply. The gate can also be stopped wirelessly or by optional command elements even when it is moving. All the attaching parts are suitable for bolting or welding in place and are made from hot-dip galvanized steel.

Manufactured in Germany.

Sliding Gate Drive ESA-FR-Serie

This series of operators is designed for a high duty cycle on well-frequented gates and for heavy gates. The integrated frequency converter control panel provides a soft start and a soft stop, the supply voltage is 230 V, the motor voltage is 400 V. This makes an unusually high torque available, even during a soft start / stop. This means gentle gate operation and a very low noise level. A two-line display simplifies operator programming, indicates functions and connected devices and assists potential troubleshooting by phone. The maintenance interval is set by a password. The operator reminds you about maintenance in good time. The entire console and cover are made from stainless steel; the height adjustment mechanism is integrated under the cover, which makes these operators suitable not only for ground-tracked gates, but also for operating cantilever gates. Safety edges can be connected to the motor control panel. Integrated loop detection, even for the photocells. Automatic closure, partial opening and many convenience functions come as standard. The emergency release is smooth-running and particularly easy to use. The duty cycle of these FR operators is 90 %. Operation is only possible with a steel toothed rack.

Manufactured in Germany.

Belfox Premium Slider 1000i

This high-quality sliding gate drive distinguishes itself with a strong aluminium housing with a lockable door. The aluminium housing is made from 4 mm thick extruded profile and its external dimensions are 350 mm x 200 mm. Thanks to its integrated, height-adjustable motor and gear unit, this operator can be used for both tracked and cantilever gates without the need for an additional console or a special foundation. Safety edges are need for both main and secondary closing edges. The easy-to use emergency handle uses a modern sliding-ball release. The DC motor operates on 24 V. The unit is ready to use. An external DIN rail, fitted with a terminal block and a mains socket, can be incorporated as an option. This terminal block simplifies on-site cabling and the integrated socket provides the mains isolation point.

Manufactured in Germany.

Centurion A10

The A10 is a heavy duty sliding gate operator designed to open and close sliding gates. In cases where chain, (as opposed to toothed rack) drive is required, an optional chain drive kit is available.

The key to the A10’s outstanding torque and duty cycle lies in the 3-phase induction motor and electronic inverter that form the heart of the system. Single-phase 220VAC power is converted into variable frequency 3-phase power, allowing electronically controlled soft starting and stopping of the motor.

An optional DC converter is available, containing back up batteries and UPS type backup circuits. This enables the A10 to continue operating for a limited period in the event of a power failure.

To cater for high duty cycle installations, the A10 Endurance model is offered. This model utilizes a continuously powered cooling fan, whilst the basic model utilizes the motor’s standard shaft driven cooling fan. The A10 heavyweight model is similar to the Endurance model with the exception of the 17-tooth output pinion. It is suitable for sites with a gate mass up to 2000kg

Gate travel limits are managed by an opto-electronic system, comprising a gate mounted origin marker and an internal rotary encoder. This system yields precise and repeatable control over gate position.

Manufactured in South Africa.

Came Ferni

Ideal for fitting onto large pillars, where the space between post and gate hinge can be very considerable, Ferni easily solves any installation issues for moving very large gates. The versatility and special features of this new operator streamline each step of the installers work, making it easy, precise, specific especially for already installed gates. Adjusting the endpoint assembly is also now made much simpler by the new and exclusive “double face” system. Its modular design lets you position the micro-switches more conveniently, depending on whether you install the Ferni operator on the left or right gate post. This all means a simpler final calibration of the system, maximum precision and reliability and exact adjustment of the gate leaf stop point when opened or closed.

Flexible and efficient, the new Ferni is ready to always guarantee, even in special situations, performance levels which are safe, constant and controlled. Not only: for gate leaves of over 2 m in width and when applying close to fences or walls, Ferni’s optional telescopic straight arm, cuts down on the space taken up when the gate leaf is open.


Manufactured in Italy.

GDS 450, 630 and 940

Ideal for fitting onto large pillars, where the space between post and gate hinge can be very considerable,

Industrial grade 3 phase inverter-controlled drive motors to handle any intensive application (only single-phase input required). Smooth, fully adjustable ramp up, ramp down, opening and closing speed for the ultimate in a gate drive operating control system. Powerful microprocessor control board to provide various features required with the operator. 100% duty cycle. Inbuilt easy set limit switches. Cast iron Industrial Grade Gearboxes. Input Power – 240v AC 10A supply for all models.



Manufactured in Italy.

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