Maintenance & Repairs

Is your automatic gate operating as it should? Are your safety devices keeping you safe?
Has your system been compromised by annoying insects? Are there any visible signs of damage?
No matter what it is, our experienced technicians can help you.

Maintenance and Repairs

Gate motors are mounted outdoor in most cases and therefore exposed to all harsh weather conditions like rain, fog, sun and wind. The gate opener’s control boards and safety IR sensors are also quite popular places especially in winter months for all sorts of insects: ants, slugs and snails. See some examples of what can happen with your motor if no one keeps an eye on it on a regular basis.

Based on our experience and according to recommendations from the manufacturers, regular checks should be performed on all automated gates at least once a year. On some busy and heavy gates on commercial and industrial premises, the maintenance routine should be carried out every month (operating at  500+ openings a day). Generally, on most commercial gates with 20-50 openings a day, twice a year bi-annual services will keep the gate motors and accessories in good working condition and prevent any costly repairs. 

At Gate Automation Ltd we have over a hundred clients who benefit from our Preventative Gate Maintenance Program. This scheduled service is provided to many commercial and industrial customers as well as residential. Service intervals depend on gate usage, working conditions, environment and other factors that we assess individually. If you have several automatic gates or other security solutions such as barriers, turnstiles or electric fencing, we can provide a good discount.  If they are on the same premises we can service all your equipment at the same time.

Below are some of the checks and services that are included in our maintenance routine:

About Our Maintenance Program.

These are just some of the checks we perform for our clients. 
Rest easy knowing your equipment is running as it should.

What We Do

Increase Life of operation

Lubricate and adjust moving parts such as wheels, hinges, racks, guide rollers and chains.

Clean Circuits

Clean all circuitry of dust and dead insects, apply anti-ant gel and spray.

Safety Systems Check

Check IR sensors, safety edges, motor torque settings for obstacle detection and immediate stop.

Individual Tinkering

Check and adjust gate travel limit switches and ground stoppers to prevent falling accidents.

Work Reports

Provide a report with all checks performed, list all modifications and/or repairs needed.